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1927 - 1929

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Lombard : The Men


André Lombard ----- E. Vareille ----- M. Brault

Ex Salmson driver ----- Engineer ------- 1st Builder

Lombard : The Factories The 1100cc were first built by M. Brault, then by the Companie des fils d'E. Salmson.

In 1929, the factory closed, all the remaining cars and parts were sold to BNC.

The 23rd April 1929, a new company emerged, around M. Lombard himself. It is called 'La Société des Automobiles Lombard' (Capital 250 000 F). Mrs Degain is the Director.

Lombard : at the Show

Salon Paris :  1927    1928    1929    1930    1931

Lombard : The Cars 

AL1                  AL 2                  AL 3                  AL 4                  AL5


The Register : (All the cars)

One restoration : AL3 N°9  (To be continued)

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